This is the portfolio of Andy Frederick.
  I'm an artist with experience working
  in various mediums at various places.
  I've worked on games, concept art,
  interactive learning software, comics,
  storyboards, commercials, and photo
  retouching. I'm available for full time,
  freelance, and comissioned work.

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This is a demo reel comprised of a few very brief clips of animation work I have done at some of the various studios I have worked with. My expertise is in optimizing character geometry and rigging for use with motion capture data, and merging manual animation with captured data. I'm also familiar with processing and cleaning capture data as well as traditional straight ahead animation.

I've also worked on designing assets for      games, such as the one in the clip
here. In this trailer for a game I helped
develop you can see the background
sprites I designed in the finished game


0.6 to 0.160.17 to 0.18 0.19 to 0.29
0.30 to 0.36
0.37 to 0.41
0.42 to 0.49
0.50 to 0.54
0.55 to 1.04
1.05 to 1.22
1.23 to 1.24
1.25 to 1.26
I designed and modeled the character. Created normal, specularity, and displacement maps for the character after having unwrapped the model. Rigged and set up facial controllers prior to motion capturing the actor the likeness is based off of. After capturing there were some animation cleaning and revisions and some lighting adjustments I was responsible for.
I designed these shots, and drew up the storyboards for these segments. I also built all the background buildings and textured them. Projected animated textures onto any surfaces where they are seen. I was also responsible for modifying the train model we'd bought, and applying the team related color schemes and logos to it.   The unfolding truck payload was modeled by me.
    I detailed and textured those surfaces as well.

I built and textured this entire environment for real time rendering, hence the lack of raytracing.This animation was developed entirely by myself. I designed everything, modeled everything, textured everything, oversaw the motion capturing, rigged the characters, and rendered the segment as a showpiece for my former studio. Another clip from the initial animation shown at the six second mark. I was responsible primarily with building, texturing, and rigging the character. I had also revised animation and rendering details before finishing this shot.
A setting developed for a real time engine, again. I modeled an textured everything. I had to create textures with lighting "baked" on surfaces to compensate for a lack of dynamic shadowing.
The background of these shots was developed by myself and two other people. I was responsible for recreating all the landmark buildings of Cleveland for these shots. I also textured these elements, and projected the video onto the geometry.
I adjusted th motion captured data, and overlayed some manually animated animation layers for this sequence. I found I had to compensate for the exagerated anatomy using such techniques.
The skyline of Cleveland was developed using generic assets that I built and shared amongst co-workers. In order to expedite the recreation of the city I layed out the layout of the city with simple geometry and we collectively placed more detailed facades and structural details where they'd be needed for tighter shots.
Additionally I built the stadium for the animation's climax, and in this shot I developed the balloon particles that are emitted from within the stadium. The stadium is also featured in the finale of this animation I had planned out. The details of opposing team logos and the mapping I did on each train can be seen here.


model turnaround wireframes shader maps character concept